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Writer's Block: How'd You Get Here?

There are many roads to LiveJournal—how did you first hear about LJ?

  Your mom?
No wait, my mom.


             Man I cant believe this!
       One of my coolest friends,
       are moving way across the planet!
       This sucks!


I ♥ this!

             I think Across the Universe was a pretty cool movie.
        But whatever. It was creative, but I think it was kind of random how they chose the Beatles songs to play as the soundtrack of the film, even though the movie didnt really have anything to do with the Beatles at all... Well, maybe a little bit.

                   I wish I was a fish. They basically have no worries, as long as Im the kind that live faaaarrrrr out into the sea, so no stupid alchoholic fisherman will get me. But what if I get eaten by a shark? Or that really big fish with the thing coming out of the forehead? That would suck! What about a sloth? They are kind of a little bit cute, and they live really high up in the trees so animals like jaguars and sharks and those fish with the foreheads wont get me! Hah! But my live could get affected by some stupid alchoholic lumberjack who decides to cut down the very tree I'm on...

                                 Orrrr.. I could be the fish with the forehead! Yeah!

                        The Wombats, Hypercrush, Metallica, Rammstein, The Killers, Dot Dot Curve:), Freezepop, Army of Lovers, ABBA, Cobra Starship, Rediscover, Owl City, Nevershotnever!, Metrostation, Tegan&Sara, Egypt Central, And One, Guns N' Roses, All-American Rejects, The Secret Handshake, Tokio Hotel, Hollywood Undead, Prince, Bananarama, Betty Davis, Loretta Lynn, The Moldy Peaches, Bob Marley, The Dresden Dolls, Taking Back Sunday, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, misono. 
                                                                                  ♥ & :D

Writer's Block: Wild Life

How long could you survive on your own in the wild?
  As long as a fish could survive out of water.

Writer's Block: Beautiful Vistas

What is the most beautiful view you've ever seen? Have you been there, or do you plan to visit? If you have one, share a picture.
          Nah, I'm not really that kind a person that cares about views. For example, you buy a new apartement, its got lovely wood floors, its in your price range, annnnddd it comes with a brand new TV including cabl, a cozy couch, and maybe some beer if your lucky. But, theres also a window. What are you going to do? Sit down and watch TV, or look out the window.

              Its amazing how alot of people choose the window.

Skins, you know, the show?



   So I've been watching this show online for free (it.. might be illegal) and I think it is pretty coolio.
 I would put it in the .. British Drama? Section.. So yeah .. Just putting it out there.. 

   And also, what really happens when you drink coke and those poppy things.. Kind of forgot the name .. 

     Skins: Yes, this counts as a caption, so .. Shut up.


Writer's Block: Pet Peeve

What is the most annoying sound in the entire world?
    Uh the sound of when I'm sitting in my bedroom, as someone is peeing like a freaking fountain in the bathroom.
 Yeah, thats right. Its annoying.

       You Know Who You Are.  Lol. 

Writer's Block: Theme Song

What song would you choose as the theme song for your life?
RocketshipToTheMoon- Dot Dot Curve:)

 Yeah. I think thats what its called ...

Writer's Block: Guarding the Terrorists

If you were ordered to become a prison guard for alleged terrorists and live at Guantanamo, what would you find most difficult about your job?
  I dont even think that most of the people there are alleged terrorists, other than the bodyguards and such.
 Well if I was a bodyguard for Guantanamo, I think the hardest part would be to eh ... Everything?

    Haha, well that doesnt make much sense!