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 Well, today I ate all the sugar cookies, but now Im still hungry and this sucks. I think there was lemon rind or something in the cookies, I think. Lemme check..
Well it doesnt have lemon, but it does have Flavor.
  Yeah, Flavor. 

 Haha at least it doesnt have Rapeseed Oil, like the other ones did. 

   Rapeseed Oil. It shouldnt be funny, but it is.

 God, Im so boring that I talk about the ingredients inside of the cookies I hate, while other people are ranting about war and bush, and other stuff thats more important.

  Well whatever.

 Rapeseed Oil



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May. 29th, 2009 01:49 am (UTC)
Useless factoid of the day:

Rapeseed oil is the same thing as canola oil, the producers just changed the name to something with a less negative (or humorous) connotation.

Rapeseed sounds like something the forensics team swabs out of a victim to run a DNA analysis... :P
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